I'm Jonathan Mielec and I help people lose fat, gain muscle, and transform their lives with one-on-one coaching.  You can learn about my story, and how I became a coach here. I care so much helping my clients achieve their absolute best body ever, and I'm so proud to know our success shows that.


I break the process of body transformation down to its simplest form, deconstructing it to the key foundational principals that actually “move the needle” in optimal progress and efficiency, and then systematically apply them in the way that works best for the individual client’s circumstances.

In other words, I failure-proof the process and make it simple and easy to do the things that actually make a difference.


Your time is valuable, and most people waste way too much time chasing their physique goals. Getting coached by an expert takes the frustration and guesswork out of things, failure-proofing the process and letting you be a lot more productive in the other areas of your life.

The truth is almost all successful people have had coaches or mentors, regardless of their field. If you're serious about reaching your physique goals it’s worth investing in yourself to work with an expert coach.


This one on one program is best for men and women who want to optimize and take the guesswork and frustration out of bringing their physique to the next level. If you are looking for someone correct your form or diagnose and correct imbalances and injuries, then an in-person coach is definitely the way to go. Everything else can be done equally well or often better online, for a better value and not limited to the standard of what's available locally.


I want you to have every tool at your disposal to ensure the absolute best results, while making your individual coaching program as easy to follow as possible. I've put together a system that I believe achieves that in the best way.


Personalized training programs are custom built and continually adjusted for your goals, history and current circumstances using the latest science along with a proven track record of experience. All of this ensures the most efficient progress.

You'll get a personalized nutrition plan built specifically for your needs and continually adjusted based on how your body is responding. Your program is optimized for your goals and lifestyle, with clear guidance for fast results and easier compliance.
If you have a smartphone (iOS or Android), all your training and diet programming will be in one easy to use app interface. Everything is in one place to help you stay on track. I’ll see everything you log on this app in real-time in order for me to assess and keep adjusting your programming for the best results.
You get unlimited access to my brain (the useful parts at least). Got a question about anything? Simply send me a message at any time. I respond within 24 hours during the week, often within a few hours.
We’ll be in constant communication through the entire process. As a coach, it’s imperative for me to make sure that everything you’re doing leads to success and keep you motivated and on track to get the most out of the program. With that said, one of my goals is to educate you and leave you with the ability to keep your results.
Your training program includes instructional videos and descriptions for each exercise in your workouts, easily accessed through your training app. You'll have guidance on getting the most out of each movement, as well as clear coaching on different movements and variations.


If you're completely committed to your goals and think that this is the program for you, fill out the Coaching Application through the button below. Based on that, I'll send you an email, and we'll have a deep discussion about your goals, an overview of my suggested plan for you and the process of coaching with me. If I don’t think that we can get the results you're after given your current circumstances, or if I think you need to just make a simple change rather than hire me, I’ll tell you. If we agree on things and find we're a good fit for each other we'll move forward, and if not, just decline at that point. My success is defined by your success, so it's important to make sure I'm the best coach for you so we can deliver the results you're here for.

Online Coaching
per month

Comprehensive online coaching, one on one, with Coach Jonathan

Full access to the app and all of the tools and support

Online Coaching + Biweekly In-Person
per month

Comprehensive online coaching, one on one, with Coach Jonathan

Full access to the app and all of the tools and support

2 in-person 1 hour sessions in Norwalk CT

Online Coaching + Weekly In-Person
per month

Comprehensive online coaching, one on one, with Coach Jonathan

Full access to the app and all of the tools and support

4 in-person 1 hour sessions in Norwalk CT

30% discount on additional in-person sessions

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What equipment is needed?

To get the most out of the program, you should have access to a commercial gym or equivalent facility.

What if I have special considerations like a previous injury?

The training programs are custom designed, and I’ll work around any injuries or health concerns you have, adjusting your program as needed based on what you can handle.

How often will my program change?

I review every client's logs at least weekly and adjust as needed for the best results. Training programs are individually designed and periodized based on your body and goals.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, this online coaching program is for those 18 years of age and older, but besides that anyone can apply.

What is the cost and how are payments made?

Coaching is billed monthly at $250, allowing me to give you full support and individual attention. I use a PayPal business account for billing. It a simple, secure, and efficient system for both you and I to set up.

What if I need in person coaching?

I have package options for clients that can benifit most from an in percon coach along with all of the advantages of the online program. These packages include everything in the coaching package, in addition to regular in person sessions. This is best for clients looking for technique coaching and/or strengthening and working around injuries or imbalances. 

How long does it take to see results?

Much of that depends on your goals and current condition. Stripping fat is a much quicker process than gaining lean muscle, and there's a range of variety in how different individuals respond, based on factors like your hormone levels and metabolic rate. This is why we constantly make adjustments based on how you're responding so we continually progress at the fastest rate possible. 

What commitment is required from me?

You should plan on a minimum of 12 weeks commitment to coaching to optimize the progress we make. This program builds on itself and is constantly being adapted and adjusted to how you're responding individually for optimal progress. This is also why I don't do one-off programs. You'll also have a responsibility to log your morning bodyweight, and monthly or as requested measurements and photos (all of this conveniently goes in the training app). You’ll need to update me regularly, letting me know how you feel you’re getting on, and any concerns you have. We'll also go over all of this in our email correspondence before beginning. Take a look at the Coaching Terms and Conditions for more details.

How long should I stay with coaching?

I don't want repeat business, I want referral business. One of my priorities is educating you in the process, learning how your body responds and helping you implement systems and habits that ensure you walk around looking and feeling great for life. Average program time is around 3 to 10 months.