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When I was in my 20's I was 145 pounds of skinny-fat frustration at 6'2" - the definition of poor genetics for a muscular and lean physique.  I had been training since my late teens, and noticeable progress was completely elusive. I read and read and worked and worked without real progress - incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

It seemed I was hopeless, but fortunately, my stubbornness knows no bounds, and I started to find small successes here and there. I kept learning from the successes and discarding what didn't work, and my progress started compounding. I kept at it for years and finally, the simple truth had sunk in: All these fancy protocols were just sprinkles on the donut of progress.

Whatever your physique goals, what actually matters are the core principles of diet and training (the science), implementing them for your individual circumstances (the art), and consistent and focused adherence to them for an effective period of time (the hard work).

This story, the frustration I spent over a decade with and the life changing effects of finally succeeding is why I became a fitness coach. The same principles that helped me add muscle and lower body fat work across the board for body transformation, regardless of what someone thinks they’re genetically predisposed to be.

Being able to help people going through the same frustrating process I went through, whether their battle is with fat loss, muscle gain, lifestyle or all of the above, is beyond gratifying. I care deeply about my work and how it helps people, and I take pride in being great at what I do.


I break the process of body transformation down to its simplest form, deconstructing it to the key foundational principals that actually “move the needle” in optimal progress and efficiency, and then systematically apply them in the way that works best for the individual client’s circumstances.

In other words, I failure-proof the process and make it simple and easy to do the things that actually make a difference.