Just For Today

Just for today.

Just for today, I’ll stay focused on my goal. Just for today, I’ll treat my body with respect. Just for today, I won’t do something that hurts me.

This is the thought that carried me and comforted me and actually kept me alive through so much over the past years:

  • Addictions.
  • Massively intimidating mid-life career changes.
  • Changing the way I treat the people I care about.
  • Pursuing seemingly insurmountable endeavors. 
  • Changing the way I think about myself and the world around me.
  • Growing when growth feels impossible.
  • Moving forward when I just want to rest.
  • Dieting and working out when I don’t want to (yes, I definitely struggle with the motivation to do that some days).

Just for today.

Whatever your challenge is, whatever bad habit you want to switch for a good habit that serves you, just for today, do it. Just for today.

You don’t need to worry about tomorrow. Relax. It’s not “I can never eat junk food again.” Or “I have to go to the gym every day for the rest of my life.” Or “Will I follow through because I always seem to quit?” You don’t need to be worried and anxious and ultimately paralyzed by those things.

It’s “Just for today I will eat the way that makes my body and mind healthy.” It’s “Just for today I’ll exercise for a half hour and feel great after.”

You can do it “just for today.” All of these things that seem impossible over time, are actually pretty damn easy to do just for today.

Just for today. First, that thought saved my life. Then it let me start really living.



Jonathan Mielec is the Owner of Form From Function LLC, and the author of the blog at formfromfunction.com, as well as an ISSA Certified Master Trainer, NPC Physique Competitor, and Powerlifter.