Matthew Byer

Jonathan is the first trainer I have worked with and I could not be happier. Jonathan combines a very thorough knowledge of physiology, nutrition and fitness, with a vast repertoire of lifts, movements and stretches. He does an outstanding job of motivating me to do more than I ever would on my own, has a great sense of humor, and is genuinely enthusiastic about my achievements.

When I first started working with Jonathan, my goal as a 47 year-old runner/cyclist was to build muscle without injury. What has so impressed me about Jonathan was how quickly he was able to asses my areas of muscular weakness and focus on both those areas and overall body strength, generate pretty impressive strength improvement (to me, at least), and avoid harming anything in the process. The variety of lifts keeps me engaged and I am thrilled with the results. As an aside, I train on my bike pretty frequently – Jonathan is very happy to work around and support my cycling schedule with complementary training or focus on other areas.

Kathy S.

I never thought of myself as an athletic person, in fact I resolved myself to never be able to be one of “those” people. Jonathan was the only trainer, and I tried several, that got me focused on building my strength and using that to reshape my body instead of the same ole and tried. The nutritional plan he set up is super straightforward and doesn’t feel like depravation. The workouts are challenging but never unscalable. The change came on so quick I couldn’t believe it. I wish someone told me about this 10 years ago, it would have saved me countless hours on treadmills, hunger and disappointment. Now I’m one of “those” people. I get excited hitting the gym, get to shamelessly take swim suit selfies and people ask ME what it is I do, and I always tell them about Jonathan. I really can’t say enough about him. Plus he’s really funny so he’ll have you cracking up the entire time. Who knew fitness could be so much fun!

Brad A.

Hi Jonathan. Back from vacation and wanted to send a note of thanks. Can’t remember if I’ve EVER looked at a picture of myself from the beach and been happy with it until this trip! I know at the end of the month I wasn’t able to get the photo application in the app to work so uploading a vacation pic here. Really happy and looking forward to more improvement throughout the coming months! Thanks again. Looking back at where I started and can’t believe how far I’ve come!

Kat A.

I started working with Jonathan in October 2014 with no idea what to expect. I had never worked with a trainer before, but I felt like I wasn’t getting as much as I could out of my gym membership, and wanted to give the whole “serious fitness” thing a try. Jonathan asked all the right questions about my goals, history, and lifestyle, and came up with a very reasonable nutrition and training plan that was easy to follow consistently.

I was already active and in decent shape, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of working with a trainer; I thought I might lose a few pounds, learn how to lift weights properly, maybe get a little bit stronger.

Five months later, I basically look like I’m ready for Fight Club. I look like Tyler Durden, if Tyler Durden was a lady. That sounds weird. It’s not. It’s FANTASTIC. I’m also able to do two pull-ups and I’m working toward more, so take that, humiliating 5th grade Presidential Fitness Test that I couldn’t pass and cried about.

Workouts are challenging but never boring, and I really appreciate having a source of straightforward, cheerful motivation, i.e. there is no “R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket”-style screaming involved. The best part is how personal and personalized everything feels; one of the things that makes the program so easy to follow is that it’s uniquely tailored to my life.

Jonathan is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, gifted at creating a personalized program that evolves as you and your goals do, incredibly accessible and responsive to questions, and great at explaining the science behind his work if that’s something you’re curious about (although what’s happened to my body still seems like dark, awesome sorcery.) Can’t recommend him or Form from Function highly enough.