First of all, it's pronounced "my-lick," but yeah, I'll answer to pretty much anything. My passion is helping people do what often feels impossible to them, and making it as easy and simple as possible; guiding them to lose fat, gain muscle, and transform their lives through one-on-one coaching.

You can learn about my own fitness journey, and how I became a fitness coach here. I care so freakin' much about helping my clients achieve their absolute best body ever, and I'm so proud to know my record of success shows that.

Ever wonder how those actors make amazing superhero body transformations? It's pretty simple - hire a FULL-TIME diet and training coach that's the best in the business. That used to be cost-prohibitive for most of us, but with online app based one-on-one coaching, I'm able to offer the same service at a huge value.

Most people waste so much valuable time ineffectively chasing their physique goals. The truth is almost all successful people have had coaches or mentors, regardless of their field, so when you're serious about reaching your physique goals it’s time to invest in yourself and work with an expert coach (I know a guy).

I believe in focusing on the core principles that really make a difference, and evidence-based coaching held against a healthy body of real-world experience.

That means breaking the process of body transformation down to the simplest key principals that actually “move the needle” in optimal progress and efficiency, and then working closely with my client to apply them in the simplest, easiest to implement way that works best for their individual circumstances, lifestyle, goals, and body type



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